Fishing Report 3rd March 2023

Fishing Report 3rd March 2023

Photo: Tegh Porter with a nice River Cod!

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Product Of The Week - Balista Tremor 

The Balista Tremor is an Australian creation designed for one purpose, to catch big native fish. At 200mm in length the Tremor has a 3 piece jointed body which provides a realistic action and comes with 3 interchangeable bibs - crawling, wake and diving swim bait. It features advanced electronics with a rechargeable battery, Balista’s trademark LED technology and a looped vibrating motor, a combination that will entice the most aggressive reaction bite. Whether it is trophy Murray Cod or Barramundi you are chasing the Balista Tremor has been designed to keep you in the game longer.
  • Electronic circuit is water activated
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Vibration: 2/sec loop
  • LED: 100 flashes per minute
  • Rechargeable: Supplied USB cable with alligator clips - red to the head, black to front hook eyelet.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Some consistent weather this week has seen the fishing being quite active amongst the deeper water, jigging blades and soft vibes have again been the most successful technique while the bait anglers have also had plenty of luck with saltwater yabbies and live worms.

Cressbrook Dam - It’s been a tough few weeks on the Bass but plenty of good sized yellow belly have been caught. The lure fisherman having the better success, casting or jigging zx40’s and other metal blade have been the lures of choice. Trolling has also been quite popular, good numbers of fish are suspended along the bout line and have picked up working deeper hardbodies like the RMG poltergeist and Little ripper lures.

Somerset - Similarly results to last week with plenty of smaller fish schooled up on the end of Pelican Point and towards Red Rock. Plastics, spoons and deep diving cranks have caught the better quality fish. Keeping these baits tight to the bottom is key. Trolling anglers have had success working these same areas.

Leslie Dam - Still by far the most consistent lake with massive number of fish being caught all over the lake, finding isolated structure off the edges of the banks has been very effective. These fish are holding tight to the bottom. Again ZX Blades and soft vibes have proved dominance. With recent rain the back end of the lake has produced the better quality Yellow belly and some good sized cod. Trolling has also been popular with the hot weather as these fish are becoming very active and reacting well to deep diving hardbodies or lipless crankbaits like the ever faithful TN60 or TN70. 

Coolmunda - Some good signs from Coolmunda this week, it’s been a long time coming but hearing some positive reports. With the water still being quite dirty Trolling the edge of the timber with TN60’s has gotten the results, aswell as saltwater yabbies and live shrimp. Also working the edge of the creek bed in the main basin has seen some good sized cod deep diving hardbodies working well. If your more of a keen caster working the timber with spinnerbaits and Chatterbait is worth a shot cause you never know what you might come across this lake holds some monster cod right amongst the timber. This lake is well knock for catching big numbers of shrimp so if your heading there it’s definitely worth taking the traps. 

Glenlyon - Some great fishing at Glenlyon again this week with a lot of fish caught. The standing timber around the caves has been popular for the Yellow Belly fisherman. Working blades and soft vibes vertically has been very effective. The Gulp Minnow grub is another great option while fishing deeper timber. Plenty of smaller cod being caught working the banks with either hardbodies or heavier spinnerbaits, this lake is looking great for winter.


The Weather

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