Fishing Report 13th June 2019

Fishing Report 13th June 2019

Photo: Jimbo Jones with a cracking Bass From Lake Borumba

Lure of the week

Cranka Crab
The CRANKA Crab is a unique, ‘World First’ Crab lure design that incorporates more than 10 years of solid research, design and development into bringing this product to the market. The CRANKA Crab, is a unique Hard/Soft Hybrid Crab lure design. This model measures 50mm across its soft legs and 18mm across its hard shell. This lure WON the converted ‘Best New Hard Lure’ award at the Australian Fishing Tackle Association (AFTA) trade show on its debut market launch. Since it’s market release, the CRANKA Crab has accumulated many angling tournament wins to its name.


Cooby and Cressbrook
Remains closed for all Water based activities.

Somerset Dam
Very hit and miss on the lake over the last week, very small bite window at the moment with the afternoon by far the best time. The shallower flats in front of Kirkleigh and out from queen street has been the go-to areas, casting metal blades and spoons being the lure of choice, keeping your lure tight to the bottom is key.

Moogerah Dam
Moogerah is still fishing really well and with good-sized bass being landed in the schools around the boat ramp and out from the Spit. Spoons and ½ ounce plastics have again been the lure of choice. Also trolling the shallower flats inside the timberline with Tn60 has picked up some great yellow belly.

Copeton Dam
Still the most talked about dam at the moment and for good reason. With water levels dropping it’s a time when you may have to change techniques and fish that little bit deeper, working deeper banks with sinking lures like the Jackall Tn80 or heavier Mumblers have picked up some great fish this week.

Connally Dam
A great little dam for the bank fisherman and can be very successful for those willing to put in the effort, Getting away from the mainstream lakes Connelly can be an exceptional fishery and there is continually reports of good fishing for cod and Yellow Belly, but because of the unknown it still doesn’t get fished a lot. A place to keep in mind.

Coolmunda Dam
Coolmunda is going to be off the radar for some time, unfortunately, the lake has had a huge fish kill and is very low on water. Recommended staying away till conditions change.

Dumaresq/Macintyre Rivers
These rivers are getting quite low on water at the moment, putting in the effort and searching for the smaller holes or stretches of water can see you have a very good session as this cold weather brings on the cod, the surface action has been hot and this is what attracts most fishos.

Gold Coast Jumpinpin
Its that time of year when the saltwater fishing comes into its own. The Bream have shown up in great numbers around tiger mullet channel and the eastern side of short island. There has been the odd tailor getting around on daylight but not big numbers as of yet, tailor normally shows up all throughout the pin, looking for pressure points where the bait will hold will be your best option, casting slugs or cut down plastics is always a go too.

Tip of the week
Picking your times to fish is very important. A strategy we use sometimes when the fishing is only good late arvo and into the night is to only hit the water around 3pm so that you have time to get your casting going but you're not burnt out when the bite time comes. Nothing worse than fishing all day for nothing and being ready to call it a day just when the good fishing starts.

Pick Your Times and Fish Hard!


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