Fishing Report 14th January 2021

Fishing Report 14th January 2021

Photo: Wade Dangerfield with a great Example of a Lake Monduran Metery.

Lure of the week

Hot Bite Spectre
The Hot Bite spectre is a Clear Bladed Skirted Jig that imitates a small Red or Blue Claw which is what our local bass and Yellow Belly thrive on.
This Bait has been dynamite on the schooled Bass over the last few weeks and continue to catch an amazing amount of fish with multiple being over the 50cm mark. This lure works best when fished tight to the bottom on the shallow Flats. These can be ideal when wind drifted while covering ground searching for fish.Find them here: Hot Bite Spectre

Cooby Dam
Cooby Dam has fished well after the recent rain, with a slight increase in water level the fish have reacted well to a variety of lures and baits, the best place to start looking is along the rock wall where the water has run in. Zx blades and darker coloured TN60's has been the go to lures, Saltwater Yabbies and Live Bloodworms have been the best for the bait anglers

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook Dam still remains closed to all water based activities.
Cylindrospermopsin levels at Lake Cressbrook exceed the Recreational Water Guidelines and as such the dam is now closed until further notice.

Leslie Dam
With a small Flow going into the dam has made the fishing quite good with the water clearing up, targeting the deeper parts of the lake where the deeper water is has worked best. Jigging Blades and vertically dropping a bait has picked up some nice fish. Live worms and Saltwater Yabbies continues to produce.

Somerset Dam
Its amazing how much a bit of rain can get the fish moving, there's been big numbers of fish caught over the last few weeks and it continues to get better, The fish are schooled up in big numbers and have been well and truly willing to eat a lure. Both Trolling and the casting anglers are having no dramas finding the active fish. Targeting the edge of the creek bed in Queen street and Pelican Point has been the areas of choice. The Hot Bite Spectre has accounted for the majority of the fish, Quality and quantity this bait has racked up cricket scores. Wind drifting these baits over the flats has been the go to technique. Keeping your lure as close to the bottom is key.

Lake Awoonga
Good results this past week, the fishing hasn't been easy and finding the fish hasn't been the hard part, searching for spots that haven't been hit is crucial when barra fishing. This lake gets a lot of pressure over the holiday period. With a recent trip just gone the Points in the main basin on the North western side produced the majority of the fish. Good amounts of fish are holding on these points and can only be a matter of time before they bite if the weather lines up for you. Casting The ever faithful Molix 140 or the Zerek Live mullet has been the standout on these fish. Watching the tide times is critical in these Barramundi Impoundments and can point you in the direction of when the fish are more than likely willing to eat, either the lead up to the tide change or after.

Lake Monduran
Called Lake Misery for some but is well and truly on the come back with some giant fish being caught, the average fish well over the 90cm and a lot making that magic meter mark and is producing some very memorable catches for others. This lake is one to watch over the next few years and will only get better. Can fish a lot different to Lake Awoonga, lots of bays and lots of standing and submerged timber, finding wind blown Bays and points is your best bet, find the bait you'll find the fish, Soft plastics being the standout as the water is lowering the fish have been moving deeper into the bays. Baits like the Squidgie slick rig and Molix 140 has been the standout.

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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