Fishing Report 18th February 2022

Fishing Report 18th February 2022

Photo: Peter Reeves with a Quality Top Water Murray Cod from Texas.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately at this stage closed to all water based activities. Current testing guidelines are in review and the lake will open at the end of march and have less strict guidelines which will mean open a lot more going forward.
Cressbrook - The Fishing has been Really hot and cold over the past few weeks and the weather has definitely played its part, with scattered showers and the south easterly winds the fish have been holding tight to the bottom. Again the go to lure being the Hot Bite Spectre, fishing these on the bottom is key either hopping these or slow winding these have been effective. The trolling anglers having good success targeting the shallower fish around the weed edges, good numbers of both bass and yellow belly have been caught.
Somerset Dam - We all know this time of year at Somerset can be either rocks or diamonds unfortunately, red hot one day and very little the next.
The souther point of pelican point has been productive still amongst the shallower water, 19-25 foot is holding the majority of the fish.
Large crank baits like the Imakatsu IK800 has been accountable for some great fish. While Reaction style baits like Hot Bite Spectres and Spinnerbaits being very popular.

Leslie Dam - With some more favourable weather we seen quite a few fish caught over the weekend. Targeting the shallower flats in 15-20ft has been successful, working the boulders and structure is a good start. Saltwater Yabbies has been popular for the bait anglers while Jigging Zx Blades and Soft jackals has also been effective. Also Trolling TN60’s close in amongst the banks has picked up some better quality fish.

Bjelkie Peterson Dam - Slowly but surely the water is beginning to clear and the fishing is only getting better each week. With the shallower water clearing first the fish have moved up and starting to feed. Casting reaction baits like Jackall’s and Spinnerbaits getting the majority of the bites. The top end of the lake in amongst the timber has seen good numbers of Yellow Belly being caught, worms and saltwater yabbies working best.

Dumaresq River - Our southern QLD rivers are Realy starting to fire! With the water clearing the Cod have been hungry and very active. Top water has been the choice for the majority of anglers as it’s the best way to fish these shallow rivers. From Texas too Yelarbon there’s Plenty of good reserves that a accessible to everyone to fish and now is the prime time.

Lake Monduran - Definitely the pic of the Barra lakes, not the easiest lake to fish but with the consistent wind the fishing has been better than previous weeks. Still plenty of fish amongst the Main Basin around the Island trolling and covering water has been best for the deep water fish. Further up the lake in Both the Northern and southern ends of B Bay. Follow the wind and the fish won’t be to far away. Again Molix 140 and Squidgie Slick rig being the stand out. Slowly starting to see a good Jerkbait bite amongst the timber in the shallower bays. Both the Jackall Squirrel 79 and Samaki Redic has been producing good fish.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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