Fishing Report 21st April 2023

Fishing Report 21st April 2023

Photo:  John Callaghan with a Healthy Cod From Pindari on a recent trip. MegaBass Big M 2.0 was the lure of choice  

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Product Of The Week - Deps Buzz Jet

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The "Buzz Jet " enables not only wide area searches but also pin spot capture with tricks. As a versatile noisy that also handles table turns and popper actions. With its regular size body that anyone can handle and its ability to respond quickly to rod work, it can be used as a control prop noisy to explore wide flat areas and attack pin spots with precise. This Bait scream’s Both Fresh Water for Murray Cod and Saltwater for the Almighty Mangrove Jack and Barra.

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Fishing Our Region

CoobyReasonable reports coming in this week with some better Quality fish being caught, the old faithful fish catcher the Zx Blade and various soft vibes have also been effective. Vertically jigging these baits amongst the spindly timber off some of the deeper edges has had consistent success. Both Saltwater Yabbies, Worms and live shrimp had also worked. Plenty of Shrimp have also been caught around the edges of the lake.

Cressbrook - The fishing stays the same at Cressbrook this week, with good numbers of yellas hanging around the larger points and deeper banks, Blades and Lipless crankbaits being the best option while other anglers are getting good results trolling deep diving hardbodies. Saltwater Yabbies have been effective for the bait anglers, fish have been located on the larger point opposite the rock wall in the Cressbrook Creek arm as well as further up the arm.

Somerset - Quantity over Quantity this past week, scattered schools have been located all over Pelican Point the southern side being the most consistent with bigger fish, a wide variety of baits have worked, Metal Blades, spoons and plastics have all had there days, keeping your bait tight to the bottom has still been key. Trolling has been picking a lot of fish, Smak Hardbodies and the Lipper Rippers have been popular. 

Leslie - With Terrible conditions last week it seen the lake have a much needed break. Plenty of Yellow Belly on the Bite again with saltwater yabbies proving to be dominant option for the bait anglers, while plenty of other are cash ing cricket scores on Zx Blades, and soft vibes. Trolling TN60 and other lipless crank baits have caught their fair share as well. The edges of the creek bed still holding the better numbers of fish. It’s Cod time and already hearing good reports of a lot of smaller fish being caught on deep diving hardbodies and larger spinnerbaits.
It’s definitely worth taking the surface baits as these fish are starting to move shallower and become more aggressive as the colder weather settles in.

Boondooma - Plenty of reports getting around this week with a lot being caught just not the quality of fish. Both the Stuart and Boyne arms of the lake has fished well, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and TN60 have all been good options working these baits close in to the structure is a must. Good numbers of Saratoga have also been showing up in these parts of the lake, the low light periods being the best time. As for the schooling Fish Leesgangs ledge, Barbers Pole and Pelican Point have been popular areas, Metal blades and Hot Bits Spectred working well.

Pindari - It’s been a long time coming but finally seeing some positive results, plenty of smaller Cod have been on the move but with this Colder weather closing in the larger ones won’t be far away. Hardbodies and spinnerbaits getting the majority of the attention, working close to the structure in the shallower timbered bays has been effective. During low light periods Top Water Baits like the Jackall Pompadour have raised some quality fish.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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