Fishing Report 4th February 2022

Fishing Report 4th February 2022

Photo: Name: Kai George nice Leslie Yellowbelly on Eco Gear ZX Blade

Product Of The Week - Tungsten Sticky Weight 22g 

Is your favourite lure not getting down to the desired depth?

When extra weight is needed to get your lure down in the water column fast, (as in a sinker), Tungsten putty provides a firm, material made from tungsten powder and a polymer binder, that can do just that. This resulting material is 30% heavier than lead, reusable, and non-toxic, and has a smaller profile to have the same sinking benefits as lead, with no sticky residue on hands, clothing or gear. This weight system is getting very popular and much easier than adding a chin weight as you can change the weight very quickly, by adding more putty or taking small pieces off till the sink rate is where you want it to be.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately closed to all water based activities.
Cressbrook - Another successful week on our little local lake, good fish have been caught at the start of the Bull creek arm on the larger points. Casting Hot Bite Spectres to these points has been very effective. With these fish eating large Red Caw and shrimp this bait just matches the hatch just perfectly. Keeping your lure tight to the weed and the bottom is key. It's worth taking your red claw traps as there is plenty on the move, the go to baits for them are, Potato, Paw Paw and other vegetables.

Leslie Dam - massive amounts of fish are being caught right now, the best we have seen this lake fish in years. The size of the fish have been smaller size but plenty of larger ones mixed in. Concentrating on the edge of the creek bed has seen the most success. 15-20 ft of water is the ideal depth. ZX Blades are racking up some crazy numbers of fish. Trolling TN60's and deep diving hardbodies have also had good results. The bait anglers have also been catching consistent numbers, Saltwater yabbies and live worms both producing.

Somerset - An incredible week on the lake with some massive fish caught for this time of year, this year is shaping up to be one of the best. With the water levels up and consistent there's been good fish up on the shallow flats and points. The south and North part of Pelican Point are holding massive numbers of fish. Again the Spectre proved dynamite on these hungry fish. A few have also been caught on larger spoons like the Hot Bite raptor, keeping both these baits tight to the bottom is a must. Trolling has also been effective, making sure your lure is in contact with the bottom and staying in the strike zone, The Little Ripper lures and Imakatsu IK800 is deadly for this technique.

Boondooma - Good results are starting to come in after the recent flood, it'll only get better as the water begins to clear up in time. The edge fishing has been the most productive,either casting or trolling the deeper rock walls has been effective. The Boyne arm is holding good numbers of yellow belly amongst the thick timber, Vertically Jigging Metal Blades like the ZX or Smak Fire Blade has worked well.

Maroon - This Dam has cleared up from the recent rain and fishing very well. The top water bite has been insane, low light hours are your best bet or an overcast day. The Tiemco soft shell cicada and D - Style reserve has accounted for the majority. Spinnerbaits and Jackall's have worked well during the heat of the day.

Monduran - With the weather settling down and some consistent wind it's made the barra a little more confident. With a rise in water we have seen the shallow water fish hungry and willing to eat, casting plastics like the ever faithful Squidgy Slick rig and Berkley Hollow Belly to the shallow bays and points. While fishing timbered flats with Jerkbaits like the Jackall Squirrel 79 or 115 has also been popular. The trolling anglers have been on fire targeting the deeper water in the basin. Working the stretch from the buoy line to the first island with 10 foot barra classics has been a popular troll run. 

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Weather Report 4th Feb 2022

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