Fishing Report 27th January 2022

Fishing Report 27th January 2022

Photo: Henri Johansen with a nice Cressbrook Bass

Lure Of The Week - Jackall Gantarel

160mm of pure Awesomeness!

It is molded with extended pectoral fins which allows the lure to dive down to 3 feet with a smooth S shaped action.A sharp jerk on slack line with turn this bait 180 Degrees to mimic wounded bait fish.

As of 2020 – These now come with new hardware.

Find them here: Jackall Gantarel


Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately closed to all water based activities.

Cressbrook Dam 
-  Our local lake has fished consistently well over the last few weeks and it continues with some big fish landed. The Bull Creek arm is still holding the majority of fish amongst the larger points. The Hot Bite spectre has been the go to bait again catching consistent numbers. The trolling anglers have had really good results in the deeper water targeting the suspended fish on the buoy line and rock walls, Jackall TN60's  and 5/8oz spinnerbaits working well with this technique.

- Leslie has fished incredible since it filled and will only get better as the water settles and cleans up more. Plenty of fish spread throughout the lake willing to eat a bait or lure. The size of fish is on the smaller size but this is great to see for the future of the lake, their has been some great size fish mixed in with the schools of  smaller fish as well. Ecogear ZX Blades have been the stand out lure as well as Zerek fish traps and Jackall Mask Vibes, the majority of the fish are holding within the 15-20foot mark. These fish are also reacting well to trolled lures in this depth of water. Jackall TN60's and Little Rippers have accounted for some great fish. Live worms or frozen saltwater yabbies have been the go too for the bait anglers.

- This little lake has bounced back after the recent rain and continues to fish quite well, The bait fisherman really turning it on with live shrimp and worms. While other anglers finding those active schools jigging ZX Blades in the deeper water have had success.

- This time of year can be very rewarding if you can time it just right, the South of Pelican Point is holding a huge population of big bass amongst the shallower water no deeper than 25ft. A good session throughout the week seen no fish under 50cm caught. The Hot Bite Spectre were hard to beat, a slow draw and keeping this lure tight to the bottom was a must. The darker colours getting the majority of the bites. The Imakatsu IK800 being another great option and accounting for big fish. The northern end of the lake on the Kirkleigh flats has some very good yellow belly schooling on submerged structure off the edge of the creek bed.

Moogerah - Another productive week on Moogerah, anglers getting some great numbers of fish on the edge of the timber, trolling reaction style lures like Jackall TN60's and spinnerbaits in and around the tops of trees has been very effective. With a slow inflow of running still coming into the lake there has been good numbers of yellow belly holding towards the rockier edges and weeded banks.

Monduran - With the weather stabilising this week we have seen Monduran back on top and some great fish being caught. The trolling anglers are still getting results in the deeper water throughout the day, tree lines and the mouth of bays being your best  bet. Other anglers heading up the lake and following the wind and warmer water has also proved very successful. There has been a great mid day Jerkbait bite amongst the timber if you find those active fish cruising the timbered bays, it's hard to go past the Jackall Squirrel 79 or 115 for this technique. The night bite has again been the standout during the full moon period, the ever faithful Molix 140 has proven its worth once again. Targeting the larger points in the basin has been effective.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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