Fishing Report 24th March 2023

Fishing Report 24th March 2023

Photo: Jye Gilmore with a Quality Bass from Somerset, caught on a Hot Bite Spectre  

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Product Of The Week - Ballista Hunchback 90

The Hunchback 90 has an epic surface crawling action designed for one thing only – to target big surface feeding Murray Cod. In conjunction with the hook-up specific design of the lure we fit the Hunchback out with super sharp BKK 3X trebles for big strength as well as further promoting excellent hook up rates.
Also featuring a clip off bib which makes for convenient storage, any Murray Cod surface crawler with a bit of size is next to impossible to store in a standard tackle box making the clip off bib super handy. Three fish catching New Colours have just landed, Wood Duck, Cormorant and Galah

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Cooby has fish well this week, again the deeper water around the bouy line and up Northern arm seems to be very popular, the bait fisherman with Saltwater yabbies and live worms catching good quality Yellow Belly and smaller cod, for other anglers jigging blades and soft vibes proving dominant. Locating any sort of structure tight to the bottom is key, while the water temp is up these fish are sitting close to the bottom. Trolling deep diving hardbodies along the rock wall has also been quite productive, working lures like the 18+ little rippers or the deeper diving Cooby Cobba Mighty Mite.

- The Yellow Belly are still in great numbers whereas the bass have been very tight lipped and hard to find some days, Deeper points in the Bull Creek arm has seen good numbers of fish school up, blades and soft plastics getting the better numbers. While fish are hard to find, trolling has been by far the most consistent technique. Again Trolling has been effective in finding those more active fish. Jackalls and deeper running hardbodies is your best bet.

- Still some big fish to be caught if you're there at the right time, big numbers of smaller fish are schooled heavily on Pelican point. Plastics like the ever faithful slider grub have been a confident bait for a lot of anglers as well as the Hot Bite Spectre, keeping these lures tight to the bottom is key on catching these larger fish. Good numbers of Yellow Belly have been caught on the kirkleigh flats, either trolling Hardbodies or casting metal blades has worked.

Leslie - Leslie stays the same with massive quantities of fish being caught and maybe better quality fish than previous weeks, working the edges of the creek beds around isolated structures should see you land multiple fish, trolling these same areas have also picked up some better cod. As we come into the cooler months this lake is the one to watch as these cod start to push a little shallower, Topwater and larger swimbaits should come into play.

Coolmunda - It's great to see this lake being quite consistent over the past few weeks and the fish becoming more active each week as the water begins to clear, trolling has been the effective, working the tree lines with Jackall Tn60's or Tn70's has been popular, for the bait anglers the large hole in front of the boat ramp has fished well, saltwater yabbies being the best option.

Glenlyon - Over the past few weeks there has been plenty of action on Glenlyon regarding good numbers of Yellow Belly and smaller cod on the bite, still remains the same this week good shools of Yellas showing up in the Standing timber on either side of the caves and further up the lake, jigging Zx blades has been the go too. Winter is getting closer and the larger Cod wont be far away, this year may be the best yet as this lake has held consistent water levels for the past year. Defently worth fishing larger swimabits amongst the shallows during the low light periods of the day and night.

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